It Starts Here...

INTERFACE is our Freshman and Transfer Orientation that takes place during the first week of school. It begins on move-in day and continues throughout the week. This is one of the greatest ways to start your FHU experience.

New students are placed into a certain group led by two upperclassmen (one male, one female). These leaders are in charge of a 12-15 member group for the whole week, making sure the students are transitioning nicely.

Each day and night new students participate in activities to help make the transition into college easier. The typical events that take place during INTERFACE week include...

  • the INTERFACE Olympics

  • canoeing on the Buffalo River

  • a night out in Jackson

  • dinner at Faculty/Staff homes

  • a Carnival in the Commons

  • and service projects 

INTERFACE - AUGUST 19-26, 2023

Interface leaders will be contacting new students during the summer to give out information and start developing relationships. 


Who Organizes Interface?

The great thing about INTERFACE is that it is student-run. Which means our student body is excited about the arrival of new friends and faces on our campus. They plan and execute the activities as well as serve as mentors and friends to the new student class.


How much does it cost?

There is no cost for INTERFACE. It is free to incoming students. 


When does it start?

INTERFACE starts the day you move into your dorm. That gives new students four days to get adjusted, meet new people, and learn how to get around and function on our campus.