The importance of spirituality and service in daily life should never be overlooked. We are commanded in scripture to continuously serve God by serving others. FHU offers a large variety of mission trips and service opportunities for students to become involved locally and globally. As an FHU student, there are many ways to be involved in ministry. There are many ways to get involved, whether it's through:

  • mission trips

  • social club activities

  • campus service groups

  • or helping with disaster relief 


Each Spring Break, members of our campus community and each of our social clubs participate in mission trips around the globe in countries such as the Dominican Republic, Guyana, Honduras, and to places within the U.S. such as Wisconsin, New York, etc. If you're looking for service opportunities in the local community, you'll find groups of students who are involved with door-knocking campaigns, mentoring programs, and other activities. Also, with all the congregations surrounding Henderson, TN, you can find ways to be involved in their own services, their Bible classes, and with other Christians. If you're looking for opportunities to be involved, you can contact the School of Biblical Studies, the local congregations, and on-campus groups to find different ways to serve.