Social Clubs

Xi Chi Delta was established in 2002 by a group of friends who wanted to make a difference on Freed-Hardeman’s campus. It remains as FHU’s only social club started by students for students. Our colors are navy and silver and our mascot is a Knight. The slogan of Xi Chi Delta is K.N.I.G.H.T.S., “Keeping Nothing Inside Glorifying Him Through Service.” Our foundation remains fixated on God, the single Being Who unites all of our hearts together in perfect unity. We live for Him and He lives through us. Xi Chi Delta is not defined by anything. We do not fall under any category. We love God and we love each other.
Chi Beta Chi is a social club that was established in 1989. Our mascot is the eagle, our letters are XBX, and our colors are purple and gold. Our mission statement is to provide opportunities for our members to become active socially, physically, mentally, and spiritually. Chi Beta has so many opportunities for our members to serve God and to serve others through mission trips to Wisconsin, the City of Children, and through various service projects around Henderson. We strive to be competitive in intramurals, Makin’ Music, Homecoming, and we seek to grow through retreats, meetings, and by being an encouragement to one another. The qualities we look for in our members are: Character, Leadership, Service, Tradition, and Royalty.
Established in 1938, Phi Kappa Alpha was created for men and women whose purpose was to exemplify and serve God in everything they do, to hold to the traditions of the past, and to strive to be a club of excellence on this campus. Phi Kappa Alpha will always compete to strive for the best in everything we do whether its Homecoming, Makin’ Music, or intramural athletics. Our motto is “Truth, Beauty, and Wisdom” which demonstrates the characteristics that transform the members of Phi Kappa Alpha into legends.

Sigma Rho is the oldest club on Freed-Hardeman's campus and is founded on strong principles of family and tradition. We are characterized by our Greek letters, the Sigma standing for strength and the Rho for wisdom. We wear our black and gold colors with pride, the same way our Sigma Rho brothers and sisters wore them 101 years ago and the same way they will be worn 101 years from now. We bees have many mottos that are frequently used, but there is one that stands out among the rest. Our motto comes from a poem written by a club member many years ago. "It is the love I have for the things WE'VE done, that is why I am a Sigma Rho." We don't need a reminder that only the strong survive or anything like that because we don't survive...we thrive. We thrive through the great memories we've made with one another. We thrive as we grow together in our spiritual walks with God. We thrive because we care about each other. We thrive because we are Sigma Rho.
Theta Nu is the newest social club on the campus at FHU, but is already making a great impact. Theta Nu’s colors are Black and Carolina Blue and our mascot is the Dragon. Our club enjoys focusing on service, and we try to find opportunities both on campus and in the community to serve others. We’re a club that prides itself on not having cliques. We’re a medium sized group that is laid back, likes to have fun, gets along together, and loves one another. We have a bunch of awesome, different people and we’re always looking for new members to join us.