Academic Success Early Alert

The Academic Success Center has combined its efforts with other areas on campus through our mutual interest in identifying students who may be at risk for academic, financial, personal, or social difficulties. As a collaborative effort, an Early Alert System has emerged. This system operates through a group of individuals from both the academic and social sides of life at FHU. 

Early Alert works through, and pulls information from, a web of referrals, coordinators, peer mentors, and personal case-by-case management in order to provide just-in-time, continuous, effective academic and social monitoring. The information about student experiences that is obtained by the coordinators of the Early Alert system helps them to direct students to the right resources for assistance. Coordinators make contact with students and encourage participation in counseling, study skills help, tutoring, financial aid information, health care, spiritual matters or other problems that affect academic performance and social integration. All of this information is shared with student advisors for support as they play a vital role in being proactive, supportive and involved with their advisees. 

The goal of the Early Alert System at FHU is to aid in further engaging students in their academic and social experiences by providing more personal, solution-focused help earlier.


How to Make a Referral:

1. Go to

2. Log in using your FHU username and password (e.g. - john.smith).

3. Search for the student whom you wish to refer (or yourself).

4. Once the name appears, click on the life-saving ring on the far right.

5. Fill out the referral according to the student's concerns.


You may also contact Jill Sanderson at 731-989-6225.