Parent's Page

What Parents Need to Know:


The UCC staff members recognize that parents of clients can sometimes become frustrated when it comes to the laws of confidentiality. Parents feel as though they should be able to know what their son or daughter is working on in counseling, however, confidentiality is crucial when it comes to establishing a healthy and effective counseling relationship.

Tennessee State Law and the American Association of Christian Counselors Code of Ethics prohibit UCC staff from sharing any information about a client's counseling services without a signed release of information from that client. There are, however, some exceptions. For instance, when a counselor believes that a client may be in imminent danger of harming themselves or another person OR when a counselor suspects the abuse of children, the elderly, or any other vulnerable person that counselor has a duty to break confidentiality as minimally as possible to help ensure the safety of the client and others.

We encourage parents to talk openly with their children if they wish to know more about the counseling services they are receiving. In most cases, students respond positively to open and honest questions from their parents and mentors.


How You Can Help

Here at the UCC, we are available to assist parents who may be concerned about their son or daughter's well-being. UCC staff members are more than happy to contact students whose parents identify as potentially needing counseling services.

However, please know that when it comes to setting up an appointment it is the individual student's responsibility to set and keep appointments. Parents who would like to refer a student for counseling services may contact the UCC Director here. Thanks!