Current Students

Academic and Student Services

A number of academic and student support services are available to students currently attending FHU/Dickson. For additional information about these services contact the Executive Director at 615-740-5531.



Students taking courses at FHU/Dickson may visit FHU’s Loden-Daniel Library online at Through this site, students may access the library’s electronic catalog, ebooks, electronic reference materials, and online journals. Support documents such as online tutorials, online research guides, and library blogs are also available via the library’s website.

Students attending FHU/Dickson may request library resources that are only available in print. Scanned copies of articles or book chapters (within copyright limits) may be requested by completing a Request a Scan of Library Material form located in the Forms and Feedback section on the Library's website, Students may also check out print materials and make arrangements for those materials to be delivered to the Renaissance Center by completing an online request form at


Advising (Availability: On-Site, Web Conferencing, Telephone, and Email)

On-site advising is available at the point of first-time enrollment, which includes a evaluation for credits transferred, guidance for scheduling of classes, and support for consideration of major declaration and career guidance. To schedule an initial advising appointment or for general advising questions, students may contact the Academic Success Center at 800-FHU-FHU1, ext. 6060 or 731-989-6060.

To schedule an initial advising appointment or for general advising questions, students may contact Demetria Walker (undergraduate programs) 615-740-5399 or Ricky Willingham (graduate programs) 615-440-3395.

After initial enrollment, students will be assigned to a program advisor, who maintains office hours in Henderson. During the semester, advisors will also be available by appointment via telephone, email, and web conference. Program advisors schedule advising times on-site in Dickson prior to each semester’s enrollment period.


Computing Services (Availability: On-Site)

A computer lab is available for students at FHU/Dickson. The computer lab is located in Room 104 and provides Internet access, access to Microsoft Office tools, and access to print services. FHU/Dickson also has a wireless network that is accessible by students.


Disability Services (Availability: On-Site, Web Conferencing, Telephone, and Email)

FHU/Dickson is committed to providing equal opportunity in education to qualified students. The University looks to the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 for standards. Students otherwise qualified for admission with a documented disability may contact the Office of Disability Student’s Coordinator by phone (800-FHU-FHU1, ext. 6029) or by email ( Students are required to provide documentation from an acceptable evaluator in order to receive reasonable accommodations.

The University will review documentation and any requested accommodations. The Office of Disability Services will create an accommodation plan for the student providing reasonable accommodations for the enrolled classes. No accommodation will be provided if it will compromise or alter essential elements of the class curriculum or evaluation standards of a course. This does not, however, guarantee successful completion of a course or a program. Students must cooperate with the University and take responsibility for learning as well as any procedures required for accommodations (ex. testing procedures). If a student does not follow the proper procedures of the student’s accommodation plan, the plan may be modified. Those with an approved accommodation plan should, within the first three class sessions, notify the instructor of any affected class.


Information Technology Support (Availability: Telephone and Web)

The FHU HelpDesk provides information technology support to FHU/Dickson. Students may contact the FHU HelpDesk at or by calling 800-FHU-FHU1, ext. 6111 or 731-989-6111.


Retention and Academic Success (Availability: Web Conferencing, Telephone, and Email)

The University, through its Academic Success Center, utilizes a proactive undergraduate retention model. Through predictive modeling, real-time data triggers, and referrals, a full-time academic retention coordinator uses a case management approach to leverage University resources necessary to provide active interventions that improve student success and overall retention. The University’s retention efforts include undergraduate students who take courses at Dickson. For additional information about the University’s retention efforts, students may contact the Academic Success Center at 800-FHU-FHU1, ext. 6060 or 731-989-6060.


Student Financial Services (Availability: Telephone and Email)

The Office of Student Financial Services is available to provide assistance to students at FHU/Dickson. The Student Financial Services staff is available to help students make arrangements to cover the cost of their education. One–on–one counseling aids students in finding the best financial paths to their educational goals. Financial Aid Counselors are located at Henderson and are available 8:00am - 4:30pm. each weekday. Students at FHU/Dickson may contact financial aid counselors by calling 800-FHU-FHU1, ext. 6662 or 731-989-6662 or by sending an email to