Management (B.B.A.)

The Management (B.B.A.) program is no longer admitting new students. The information on this page is provided for current students enrolled in the program.


Program Advisor

Jason Brashier
Dean, College of Business

Henderson Campus, BK 253


4 - Year Plans

These 4 Year Plans assume two years obtaining an A.A. or A.S., and then outline the completion of your bachelor's degree at FHU / Dickson in two years.

Degree Requirements

B.B.A. Major in Management Degree Completion

Prerequisite: Associate of Arts or Sciences (A.A. or A.S.) in Business 

Degree Requirements

I. Bible Requirements
 10 hours
II. Common Professional Component for all B.B.A. Majors
 Minimum of nine (9) of the following thirteen (13) courses* 27 hours
ACC 231 
Principles of Accounting I  (3)
ACC 233 
Principles of Accounting II  (3) 
BUS 254 
Business Technology  (3)
BUS 351 Business Communications  (3)
BUS 354 Legal Environment of Business  (3)
BUS 355  Statistical and Quantitative Analysis for Business  (3)
BUS 455 Business Ethics  (3)
BUS 459 Business Strategy  (3)
ECO 271 
Macroeconomics  (3)
ECO 272 Microeconomics (3)
FIN 385 Managerial Finance (3)
MGT 241  Principles of Management  (3)
MKT 261  Principles of Marketing (3)
III. Major Requirements
30 hours
ACC 332 Management Accounting
MGT 341 Human Resource Management 
MGT 345 Operations and Supply-Chain Management 
MGT 346 Leadership 
MGT 443 Entrepreneurship 
MGT 444 Organizational Behavior 
PLUS: Any four (4) of the following (5) courses as required:*
12 hours
FIN 388 Personal and Family Financial Planning  (3) 
MGT 441 Services Management and Marketing  (3) 
MGT 497 Management Internship  (3) 
MKT 362 Consumer Behavior  (3) 
MKT 462 Marketing Strategy  (3) 


*All CPC courses are required from the A.A., A.S., and/or B.B.A. degree. Up to 12 CPC hours can be transferred from an A.A. or A.S. in business degree. The actual number of core and major courses required would depend on what is transferred from the A.A. or A.S. degree. A minimum of 24 hours beyond CPC are required for the B.B.A. in Management.