Online Dual-Enrollment

Freed-Hardeman University offers many online courses that dual-enrollment students are eligible to participate in. Students who are not participating in an FHU online dual-enrollment course through their high school must contact the Dual-Enrollment Coordinator to assist with registration. Seating is limited in these online courses.


Courses Offered

Fall 2020

  • BIB110- Survey of the Old Testament

  • BIB121- Life of Christ

  • BIO110 - Principles of Biology

  • ENG101- English Composition I

  • FIN299 - Personal Finance

  • HIS111- Survey of Civilization I

  • MAT101- College Algebra

  • PSY210- General Psychology


Spring 2021

  • BIB120- Survey of the New Testament

  • BIB122- Acts of the Apostles

  • COM140 Speech Communication

  • ENG102- English Composition II

  • HIS221- American History I

  • MAT235- Introductory Statistics



New Courses coming soon

Fall 2021 - Spring 2022

  • BIB130- Personal Evangelism (FA)

  • BIB140- Introduction to Christianity (FA)

  • BIB222- Thessalonians, Timothy, and Titus (FA)

  • ENG236- American Literature II (FA)

  • FNA - Fine Art Course (FA)

  • MGT241- Principles of Management (FA)

  • SOC241- General Sociology (FA)

  • BIB200- Bible Basis of Missions (SP)

  • BIB213- Kings of Israel and Judah (SP)

  • EDU130- Introduction to Education (SP)

  • MKT261- Principles of Marketing (SP)


Fall 2022 - Spring 2023

  • ACC231- Principles of Accounting I (FA)

  • CJU210- Introduction to Criminal Justice (FA)

  • ECO271- Macroeconomics (FA)

  • ACC233- Principles of Accounting II (SP)

  • ECO272- Microeconomics (SP)