Semester Deadlines


  • January 28 -  The Drop/Add period to change Sixteen-Week Course schedule ends at 3:00pm. If you drop a class by this deadline, you are not academically or financially penalized. No tuition will be charged, and no grades are given. If you add a class, you may have some added financial responsibilty.

  • February 15 - Tennessee Dual Enrollment Application/Renewal Deadline (TN residents only)

  • March 8-12 -  Mid-Term Week

  • March 19 -  The last day to withdraw without affecting your GPA ends at 3:00pm. You will receive a grade which does not carry any quality points, so it will not adversely affect your GPA. However, you are still financially responsible for the courses. If you are using the TN DE Grant, you will forfeit any future use of the grant. If you withdraw after the March 19 deadline, you will be withdrawing failing. This will factor into your grades and negatively affect your GPA. 

  • March 21-28 - Spring Vacation, Sunday – Sunday (no classes)

  • April 15 - Fall 2021 registration begins (open enrollment until fall classes begin)

  • May 10-14 -  Final Exam Week