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The Intentionality of Christian Educators: How Faculty at Three Christian Universities Integrate Faith into Their Profession - Presented by Dr. Marvin

This Brown-bag lunch will take a look at an “Investigation of the Faith Integration Techniques of Professors at Christian Universities.”

A distinctive of a Christian university education should be the integration of faith and learning; however, a challenge for many Christian scholars is how to best integrate biblical truth within their disciplines. This qualitative study investigated the techniques Christian university faculty use to integrate their faith into their profession. The sample was comprised of faculty members from three Christian universities in the South. 

The conceptual framework comprised four primary constructs: (a) Curriculum: “What is Taught”, (b) Pedagogy: “How it is Taught”, (c) Relationships: “Who is Taught”, and (d) Beliefs: “Those Teaching”.  Come join us as Dr. Stephen Marvin discusses his findings and how you might use the results to integrate faith not only as part of formalized teaching but go beyond the confines of the classroom. 

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Oct 09, 2019


Hope Barber Shull Academic Resource Center - 340B
Cason Street
Henderson, TN 38340 United States


Holly Rowsey

Phone: 7319896337

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