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Cultural Diversity in Education

Cultural diversity is often a subject that is incorporated into education as a single objective to be addressed. In reality, the ability to connect to people of differing cultures is a concept that provides the basis of patient-centered care and should be emphasized throughout baccalaureate education. Culture is the unseen entity that explains why a person acts and reacts to the world around them. It is not an ethnic separation of people, but rather any shared traits or characteristics that define a group of people.  Culture can be measured through personal, professional, social, and economic boundaries. The willingness to cross over cultural boundaries and see the world through another viewpoint is the beginning of obtaining cultural competence. While Mrs. Gillson’s focus in writing on this topic was nursing education, the principles apply to all areas of educating our students. Come join in a conversation of how we can all work together to bridge the gaps in cultural diversity.

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Feb 24, 2020


Hope Barber Shull Academic Resource Center - 340B
Cason Street
Henderson, TN 38340 United States


Holly Rowsey

Phone: 7319896337

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