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Perceptions About Ethical Behavior Among Undergraduate Students Attending Religiously-Affiliated Institutions

Which of the following has more impact on students’ perception of honesty virtues: church attendance or enrollment in religious courses? Is there a difference when comparing this data between genders? Dr. Tom De Berry will examine the opinions of undergraduate business students regarding the ethical nature of both academic and business-related actions through a study involving religious affiliation and gender. While the study specifically centered around business students, principles both within the classroom and with employee/employer relationships, such as cheating, lying on job applications, and/or taking credit for a colleague’s work, apply to all students in all fields of studies.

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Feb 19, 2020


Hope Barber Shull Academic Resource Center - 340B
Cason Street
Henderson, TN 38340 United States


Holly Rowsey

Phone: 7319896337

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