Financial Aid Awards

If you received notification that you are missing documents concerning financial aid please complete those that are missing by using the links below. Once documents are completed your financial aid online portal will be updated within 48 business hours.

1. Title IV Authorization Form

2. Payment and Credit Agreement Form

3.  If you were awarded and accepted the TEACH Grant, you will need to complete:

4.  If you were awarded and accepted a Direct Stafford Loan please complete:

5. If your parents accepted a Parent PLUS Loan* please have them complete:

6. If you accepted an Alternative Loan*, please compare and choose a loan at our Alternative Loan selection website then complete the online application with your chosen lender. 

7.  If you were awarded and accepted a Perkins Loan please complete:

8. If you have been placed in Verification please complete the following steps:

9. If you wish to set up an Interest-free Monthly Payment Plan visit

Please complete all documentation needed no later than August 1st if no previous deadline is stated.

If you wish to have a paper copy of any documentation, please contact our office at 

*The Parent PLUS Loan and the Alternative Loan are last-dollar loan options. If you choose to cover any balance you have with one of these loan options, it is not necessary to complete the other.