Financial Aid Links

The following links are designed to help students find ways to fund their college education. In addition to the aid from the federal and state governments and FHU scholarships, many business, corporations, and other civic or churches have scholarships which are available from year to year and vary by location. To access these scholarships, talk to your guidance counselor, or call on the larger businesses in your community to see if awards are available. While these awards may be more difficult to find, they are available and very helpful as you assemble your financial aid package.

The links listed deal with free scholarship searches, starting the financial aid process, student loans, grants, and how to manage your student loan debt. 


Before you start....

  • Read carefully when accessing services on the web and make sure there are no hidden charges.

  • Be careful when you give personal information because some free services may sell your name to interested parties. Read the fine print when signing on.

  • Accessing the web can be one of your best sources of information. Don't be afraid to use this valuable resource.


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