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2020-21 Cost for Full-Time Undergraduate Students




Comprehensive Charge           



Room (standard room)



Board (14 meals)






Simple billing. Increased value!
(Part-time students pay $750/hour for Fall & Spring courses.)

Meal Plans (Board)

There are several different meal plan options that students can choose from: 

  • Plan A (per semester - 14 meals per week + $80 Dining Dollars) = $1,815

  • Plan B (per semester - 10 meals per week + $60 Dining Dollars) = $1,735

  • Plan S* (per semester - 7 meals per week + $40 Dining Dollars) = $1,090 

  • Plan U (per semester - unlimited access +  $40 Dining Dollars) = $1,970

*For Students with 90+ hours or senior nursing students doing clinicals


Fee Changes for 2020-21

 NO course fees                               NO matriculation fee
 NO technology fee  NO Interface fee
 NO general fee  NO online fee
 NO graduation fee  NO tutoring fees
 NO housing fee  NO increase in room and board
 NO registration fee  NO HASSLE


What's included in this one comprehensive charge?

  • Unlimited hours for one comprehensive price as allowed within academic policy

  • 2 full-time licensed personal counselors

  • Value for 2019-20

  • HDTV in the residence halls

  • Free movies in the Crews-Colbert Activity Center

  • Free tutoring

  • Free theatre productions

  • Free on-campus intercollegiate athletic events

  • Free movie rentals in the library

  • 24 hour security guard protection

  • Installation of security cameras on all residence hall entries/exits

  • Printing of up to 500 black/white sheets per semester

  • Campus intramural program

  • 2 campus fitness centers

  • New science building

  • Continued dorm renovations

  • Free on-campus parking/vehicle registration

  • All lab and course fees

Fall and Spring Semesters (Full-time, Undergraduate Students)

  • Comprehensive charge of $22,950 ($11,475 per semester), regardless of credit hours taken.

  • Scholarship awards based on a percentage of tuition will be honored with the amount that would have equaled tuition if no billing changes had occurred.

  • The comprehensive charge does not include travel costs for Belgium, NYC, VA Shakespeare, or other travel courses. 

  • Board is based on 14-meal plan.

  • Room charges will increase with private room or privileged housing.

  • The cost of books are generally $300-500 per semester and not included in the comprehensive charge.

Fall and Spring Semesters (Part-Time Undergraduate Students)

  • Comprehensive charge of $750/hour

Undergraduate Summer school, August and January Short Course
Graduate Courses

Payment Plan

1. Cash Payment - All semester charges, less any financial aid, are due before any student can begin classes. Payments can be made with a check, cash, or credit card by the following dates:

  • Fall Semester (including August short course), August 2
  • Spring Semester (including January short course), January 3
  • Summer Semester, May 18

2. Tuition Management Systems (TMS) - An interest-free monthly payment plan that is available to students and parents. Payments are spread out over 8-10 months. For more information visit or call TMS at 1-800-356-8329.


For more information about current student accounts, statements, payment plans, or charges contact Student Accounts at 731-989-6662.

Prospective students and family may contact admissions by calling 1-800-FHU-FHU1 ext. 6651, or local at 731-989-6651, or by email at