Bible Teaching Program

Central to the mission of Freed-Hardeman University is the Bible teaching program. Tuition and endowments cover only 86% of the costs incurred. The remaining 14% must be raised from outside sources. Every school week, $22,556 or every school day, $4,511 must be raised to cover operational costs. That translates to $451 per student every school year. Adopt several students!

Thank You for your interest in and support of Freed-Hardeman University's Bible Teaching Program. The university and the School of Biblical Studies enjoy a rich heritage of preparing students for both life and eternity. Our motto is timely and timeless, teaching how to live and how to make a living. From the beginning of the school in 1869, the focus has been on the development of character and career preparation in each of our students.

The mission of the School of Biblical Studies is to effectively teach the Bible to all students, to provide a unifying core of truth and Christian ideals for the university, and to prepare capable candidates for the ministry. This mission is entrusted to an outstanding Bible faculty consisting of fourteen full-time and twelve adjunct teachers. This faithful team of teachers, scholars, missionaries, and counselors is devoted to the care of its students inside and outside of the classroom.

Your partnership with us in this great work is a trust we take seriously every day as we teach, train, and encourage the future leaders and workers of the church. Thank you for your confidence in us, your support, and your prayers on our behalf. May the Lord richly bless you.

Dr. Billy R. Smith
Dean, School of Biblical Studies