Centers of Excellence

Centers of Excellence exist to provide endowments which in turn will fund initiatives above and beyond budgeted items to enhance the learning experience of our students. 

Funding Levels:

  • $1,000,000 - Center of Excellence

  • $500,000 - Chair of Excellence

  • $250,000 - Professorship

  • $100,000 - Fellowship

  • $50,000 - Sponsorship



Biological Sciences 

The purpose of the Center for Excellence in Biological Sciences is to simulate what our students will experience in graduate programs, create a more hands-on experience, and to connect and gain experience from those outside the classroom in their field of study. With this Center, students will be able to submit a grant proposal to request funding for their research project, internship, or idea. It will be a competitive process. Each proposal will be reviewed, critiqued and funded based on the best proposals. 

Business Ethics and Leadership
Business Ethics and Leadership is at the core of who we are as Christians and what Christ calls us to be. It is also a natural extension of our DNA as a university. This is an area that is not as well studied in education or by our Christian universities. FHU has the opportunity to carve out a niche in this area. Ethical leadership is lacking in our country and world and FHU and our graduates can lead and model ethical leadership in business.

Spiritual Leadership

The Center of Excellence in Spiritual Leadership will provide training, resources, and opportunities for spiritual leadership development to enrolled undergraduate and graduate students, campus personnel, and the off campus community, including services designed for individuals, churches, schools, and families.

Instructional Leadership
The overall purpose of the Center for Excellence in Instructional Leadership is to create innovative researched-based strategies and approaches designed to improve student academic achievement at local, state, and national levels. This Center will give graduate students in education hands-on mentoring, guidance, and support services with partners already in the field. This will afford our students the opportunity to collaborate with effective practicing leaders in elementary and secondary schools to benefit from their attributes, skills, and behaviors.