Heritage Fund

The Heritage Fund is the unrestricted portion of our Endowment Fund and it allows FHU to respond to pressing priorities, seize opportunities when they arise, and maintain and build facilities.

Endowment is FHU's security. It allows us to plan for the future and ensures that generations of students will have opportunity to learn and make discoveries that change themselves and the world.

A gift to the endowment can be one a one-time contribution or part of a planned strategy. These gifts allow Freed-Hardeman to invest the principal and draw interest to fund projects and goals.

Endowment funds scholarships, recruits the best faculty, and helps our students get the most of their education. Because a gift to the endowment grows over time, you become an integral part of FHU's success forever.

Endowment Facts and Figures:

  • FHU's endowment fund currently holds forty million dollars.
  • Each year the endowment expends five percent, or roughly two million dollars, to help support our students. This only accounts for seven percent of total tuition cost.