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Dave Clouse
Vice President for Community Engagement

Gardner Center 111B
(O) 731-989-6100 or (M) 731-608-2577


Office of University Advancement

Kyle Lamb
Associate Vice President for University Advancement

Gardner Center 206C
(O) 731-989-6020 or (M) 731-608-7744


Office of Major Gift Planning

William Tucker
Assistant Vice President for the Major Gift Program & Estate Planning Support

(M) 731-608-7760


Office of Estate Planning and Regional Development

John Law
Vice Chancellor

(M) 931-698-2236

Randall Harris
Executive Director of Church Engagement

Gardner Center 207G
(O) 731-989-6967 or (M) 731-608-7184

Larry Arick
Annual Gifts Officer

(M) 901-262-3967

Adam Cross
Regional Development Director

Gardner Center 207C
(O) 731-989-6946 or (M) 731-608-9038

Rebecca Dorris
Regional Development Director

(M) 615-218-4154

Andy Doss
Regional Development Director

(M) 731-608-9052

Kim Gott
Advancement Office Administrator

Gardner Center 206
(O) 731-989-6020



Ryan Malecha
Associate Vice President for Community Engagement

Gardner Center 207G
(O) 731-989-6022 or (M) 731-608-8209

Chris Ramey
Director of Alumni Engagement

Gardner Center 206B
(O) 731-989-6088 or (M) 731-234-4141

Holly Chism
Director of Advancement Services and Donor Stewardship

GC 207E
(O) 731-989-6017

Kelsey Steward
Advancement Services Specialist

GC 207A

Aaron Hancock
Community Engagement Coordinator

GC 207F
(O) 731-989-6180

Beth Sanford
Community Engagement Experience Specialist

GC 207G
(O) 731-989-6632


Office of FHU Associates

Debbie McLaughlin
Executive Coordinator - FHU Associates

Hardeman House


Office of the Chancellor

Milton R. Sewell

Gardner Center 207B
(O) 731-989-6054 or (M) 731-608-2534