FHU Dreams

Make your dream a reality

FHU dreams is a crowdfunding platform created to empower students, alumni, and faculty/staff to raise money so their ideas and dreams can come to life. Projects on this platform are inspired by an individual’s passion to impact a specific area of the Freed-Hardeman Family. 


Crowdfunding allows people to come together and fund-raise to support projects that reflect their collective passion. Projects such as:

  • Social Clubs

  • Professional Clubs

  • Athletics

  • Campus Improvements

  • Academic Programs

  • Scholarships

  • Much More!



Elements of a successful project

  • A campaign champion or group of champions

  • A clear, compelling campaign initiative (the need for funding is the story)

  • An identifiable audience and/or network of audiences

  • A sense of urgency (30 - 45 days)

  • A well-planned strategy

Reasons Projects Fail

  • The project does not evoke passion

  • The project does not appear to address a specific need

  • The project fails to use social media channels and networks

  • The project has too long a duration (greater than 60 days)

  • The project has an unrealistic dollar goal

The research indicates the components of successful campaigns are specifically tied to the size and passion of the network of individuals willing to share the project. The most successful campaigns calculate the dollar goal amount of each initiative based on an evaluation of the size of the reachable, identifiable audience willing to spread the campaign.