Chris Wright 


"Freed has allowed me to pursue both of my interests in life all in one place. Not many college students get the opportunity to oversee a mission trip to South America with their professors and be published for undergraduate research all in the same year. I still don’t know exactly what I will end up doing at the end of my four years here, but I know that when I leave I will have the background that God can build on to make me the servant He wants me to be, whether He uses me to care for the body or the soul.

Freed Hardeman has also prepared me in a way that other schools can’t. What’s more important than my financial situation, however, is that my professors don’t just teach me Physics, Chemistry, or Biology. They also teach me how to integrate Christ into my life. My professors are the preachers, song leaders, and Bible teachers of my college home congregation. They don’t just teach me how to make a living. They teach me how to live."



Taylor Comtois


"I chose to come to Freed because it felt like my home away from home. I knew I belonged here the moment I stepped foot on campus. I love the Christian atmosphere and the people here are just truly amazing.

My plans after Freed are to go to Medical school and receive my Doctorate in Psychology and start my own practice. I want to make a difference in this world. It has been my dream, ever since I was a little girl and thanks to the support of all of our donors I am now living my dreams.

If I got a chance to talk to alumni, friends, and donors face to face, I would tell them how truly grateful and thankful I am that they have been a part of my life. If it wasn't for you all, this dream, this achievement, wouldn't happen."



Guilherme Santos


"My name is Guilherme Luz dos Santos and I am from Belo Horizonte, Brazil. I grew up in the church of Christ and always heard about Freed-Hardeman University. FHU students have always been a great encouragement to me and the church in Belo Horizonte. They participated in several mission trips in Belo Horizonte to help our congregation. I grew up seeing the willingness of FHU students to share the word of God. I wanted to be like them.

The big problem was that my family can’t afford college for me. Specially college in the USA. If it wasn’t given me a chance, I would probably be working and not it even thinking about going to college. But, Freed-Hardeman gave me this chance. I am really thankful for all they have been doing to let me study here.

The major reason I’m still able to be here, are the scholarships that I have. There is no possible way I could have been here without them. I really do not have words enough to thank all the donors FHU has. They are really important!! They are giving students a chance to keep their studies and be someone. I know some people donate more than others but EVERY single dollar that gets in for student scholarships will be used and very well appreciated.

I thank all the donors and I pray that God keeps blessing them in every single way.

When I graduate I want to return to Brazil and work with my home congregation to teach people English and Spanish using the Bible."




Erika Wenger


"I had wanted to come to Freed since I was in 8th grade, I attended Horizons for 4 years which was life changing, my cousin attended and graduated from Freed, and most importantly my grandfather who was a Preacher for over 35 years attended the annual Christian Training Series, Lectureships and also participated in Talent Shows at Freed. Both of my grandparents really stressed how great a University Freed-Hardeman was and inspired me to attend Freed. Since I came to Horizons I was familiar with the campus and a variety of people from Freed-Hardeman so I quickly fell in love with being a freshman at FHU.

There are so many wonderful things about FHU it would be too difficult to count. I love the people at FHU, they are some of the kindest, most genuine people I have ever met. The campus is great, the teachers are wonderful, the classes are informal and the activities are so creative and fun. I love Freed-Hardeman for everything it is, and everything its not."