Tuition Freedom Day

Tuition Freedom Day is a day to celebrate our donors and to thank them for all they do for FHU.

It is a tradition dating back to the spring semester of 2010 and it takes place on a day in late February or early March. This day symbolically marks the point in the school year when student tuition "runs out" in covering the costs to attend FHU. The amount students pay in tuition covers approximately 70 percent of the total operating costs of the university. The remaining 30 percent of the school year is provided by donors. Therefore the students are "free" from covering the costs of attendance thanks to our donors.

This year students, Garrett McDonald and Josh Trull, put together a short video in honor of Tuition Freedom Day. Their video informed the student body of the importance of our donors as well as ways they could show their thanks to our donors. Over 200 students participated this year in TFD by writing personal handwritten thank you notes to some of our donors.