Graduate Theology Research Symposium

FHU Graduate School of Theology

Research Symposium
Ayers Auditorium (Brown-Kopel Business Center)
November 2, 2018

The purpose of the FHU Graduate School of Theology Research Symposium is to bring in a well-known expert in a field relevant to biblical studies for academic advancement. The 2018 symposium will feature the life and works of the Dutch Catholic scholar Desiderius Erasmus Roterodamus (1466-1536).

With the permission of Pope Leo X (1475-1521), Erasmus published his first of five editions of the Greek-Latin New Testament in 1516. The third edition of Erasmus’ Greek New Testament (1522) was used by William Tyndale in his English translation and influenced other English translations, including the King James Version of 1611. Along with his influence on the history of the English, Greek, and Latin New Testaments, Erasmus wrote on a number of other topics related specifically to Christian discipleship or human advancement in general. In addition to his five editions of the Greek NT (1516-1535), this year’s symposium will also highlight Erasmus’ Handbook of the Christian Soldier (1501) and Paraphrases on the New Testament (1517-1524).

In addition to presentations by Dr. Rick Brumback and Dr. Doug Burleson, two faculty members from the FHU Graduate School of Theology, lectures will also be presented by Dr. Darren T. Williamson, who serves as the preaching minister for the Keizer church of Christ in Keizer, Oregon. Dr. Williamson’s 2005 dissertation is titled “Erasmus of Rotterdam's Influence upon Anabaptism: The Case of Balthasar Hubmaier.” 


SCHEDULE for Friday, November 2,2018

8:30am     Erasmus the Man (biographical introduction to Erasmus) - Dr. Rick Brumback

9:30am     Erasmus and Spiritual Formation - Dr. Darren Williamson
                        Overview of the Handbook of the Christian Soldier with reference to his other works on spirituality.

10:30am   Chapel -- Erasmus and the Philosophy of Christ - Dr. Darren Williamson

Lunch & Presentation about FHU Graduate Studies

12:15pm   Erasmus' Paraphrases on the New Testament - Dr. Darren Williamson
Introduction to the genre, with examples from the Paraphrase on Matthew (1522),
                        and evaluation of its influence in England.

  1:00pm   Recognition and presentation of David Tarbet's donation of the English translation of Erasmus' 
                        Paraphrases on the New Testament (1549) - Dr. Doug Burleson & FHU Representatives

  1:20pm    Erasmus and the Greek New Testament - Dr. Doug Burleson
                        Presentation about Erasmus' printed edition of the Greek New Testament, and other text-critical issues.




Dr. Doug Burleson, Ph.D.

Director, Graduate Theology Research Symposium

Gardner Chair of Biblical Excellence


Past Speakers:



Dr. Rodney Cloud,

Dr. Clyde Woods

Dr. Ed Gallagher

Dr. Justin Rodgers 



Dr. Norman Geisler 



Dr. Craig L. Blomberg 



Dr. Daniel Wallace