What should I bring / wear

You will need to bring:

  • a pillow

  • twin-bed linens (extra-long)

  • towels

  • toiletries

  • a reusable water bottle

  • a bag or backpack to carry your Bible and notebook

  • money for food trucks (Monday and Thursday nights) and pizza

  • and, of course, your Bible


*Roller blades, scooters and skateboards are not permitted.


Dress for Horizons:

Shorts may be worn at any time during Horizons, BUT, all shorts must come to the mid-thigh or longer(the same as the current FHU student policy).  This is measured from the shortest part of the shorts. Nike running shorts/split-style running shorts are not allowed, even if they are long enough.

No visible midriffs. Clothing that exposes any part of the mid-section when standing, sitting or bending over is not allowed. All tops should be long enough to be tucked in.

Skirts and dresses must come down to the top of the knee.

Skin-tight or otherwise revealing clothing is not allowed. Low-cut shirts, spandex, tight jeans, halter tops, etc. are not acceptable.  

Leggings do not count as pants. If your outfit is against dress code without leggings, it is against dress code with them.

Sleeveless shirts and dresses must have straps at least 3 inches wide. Sleeveless shirts must not have wide arm holes.

Youth ministers and sponsors are responsible for their group (adults included) complying with the dress code. You should have a meeting with all participants and make sure they understand the dress code BEFORE they pack for Horizons. The dress code will be enforced. If you have students or adults who are out of dress code, we will come to you or a sponsor to address the issue. If there are offenses while at Horizons, it will be your responsibility to see that all in your group meet dress code. You may need to take your campers to Walmart, Goodwill, etc. to find suitable clothing.