Work Study Guidelines

Freed-Hardeman University Student Employment Guidelines

Student work study is a vital part of the FHU campus. Please read below for information on how to obtain a campus job.

Documentation which must be completed before working any hours:

  •  Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)*

  •  I-9* (list of acceptable documents for verification available here)

  •  W-4* 

  •  Permit to Work Form (one for each semester)* 

  •  Student Work Direct Deposit Form*


*The FAFSA can be completed online or via the Office of Student Financial Services. Each subsequent document is available in the Office of Human Resources in the Financial Services Building located behind Brewer Sports Center.

  • While many students have Federal Work Study allotments on their Financial Aid Award packages, work study positions are not guaranteed.

  • All student workers must complete a W-4 and an I-9 in the Work Study Office by their first day of work. To complete the I-9, federal guidelines state that a student must present original, unexpired documents that verify his/her eligibility to work within 3 days of the first day of work. A list of these documents can be found in the Work Study Office, or here.

  • A list of open positions will be available at  Students should complete an application for employment and indicate which positions they are interested in. The student should then speak directly with the supervisor which is listed on job description. The supervisor will give you the paperwork which is needed to secure the position and direct you in the next steps to take.

  • Students may only have one campus job. Permission must be obtained to work more than one job from the Work Study Coordinator.

  • Students are allowed to work a maximum of six (6) hours each week. Any hours above six (6) must be approved prior to working by the Work Study Coordintor and Financial Aid.

  • Federal Work Study Students are paid $7.50 per hour for working on campus. Non-Federal Work Study Students are paid $6.85 per hour for working on campus.

  • All students must create a log in with PAYLOCITY, our payroll software. This can be done once all paperwork has been turned in and you have been entered by the Work Study Coordinator into the Paylocity payroll system. Once your login has been created, you MUST log your time worked by punching in and out on the Paylocity website on a computer or download the app to your smart phone. Students must accurately record all hours worked through Paylocity. Students cannot volunteer any hours in their job or in a position where other students are paid for doing the same job.

  • Time sheets are due on the 8th and the 23rd of each month. Time worked will be recorded by electronic punches on FHU's Paylocity website ( Company ID is 94363). Each student must log in to set up his/her account. Supervisors will review the time cards electronically before submitting them for payment to the HR Office. 

  • Students are never permitted to work more than 40 hours during a workweek. Time cards start with the beginning day of the pay period and may begin with any day of the week. However, a workweek pay period is calculated as seven days, from Sunday to Saturday. 

  • Freed-Hardeman University pay days are the 15th and last business day of each month.

  • A supervisor must always verify the hours on the students time card in Paylocity and approve the time worked for the pay period.

  • Work hours should not conflict with scheduled class time.

  • Students are not allowed to work if they have resigned from the University or have dropped below half time.


If you have any questions regarding student employment on campus, please contact the Senior HR Generalist at