Program Objectives

The iLearn Program provides a considered, proactive approach to faculty training and student learning by integrating the use of effective, relevant and transparent technologies into course pedagogy and andragogy. Its overarching goals are three-fold: improve student learning, enhance faculty teaching and provide additional resources.


Goal 1

Improve student learning in iLearn General Education courses by integrating pedagogical technologies to engage student learners.

Goal 2

Enhance faculty teaching in iLearn General Education courses through the use of collaborative pedagogical technologies.

Goal 3

Provide additional resources in order to maximize the impact of The iLearn Program.


Selected faculty cohorts will engage in targeted instructional training. They will use what they've learned in the classroom with students toward the goal of improving student-learning outcomes identified in General Education courses. It is hoped that as students and teachers engage using carefully selected technology pieces that student scores on student-learning outcomes will improve. Faculty will have the opportunity to retrain, to refine their skills and to then again engage student learners.