Prospective researcher:

Below are links to the forms you will need to submit a completed request to the Freed-Hardeman University IRB. There are different forms for different types of research. After reviewing the forms, the FAQ page, and the IRB Manual, if you still have questions, please contact your research advisor or the FHU IRB.

If you are submitting an expedited or exempt request, you must still use the Request For Research Review template to ensure you are providing enough information about your research for a decision to be reached.

If your research is approved through another institution's IRB, contact us and we will work with you to reduce duplication of efforts while ensuring the requirements for Freed-Hardeman University are met.

An informed consent form that meets FHU standards (see template below) is required unless very specific criteria are met. 


Request For Research Review

Request for Exemption

Request for Expedited Review

Request for Project Continuation

Request for Appeal

Request to Amend Approved Research

FHU Informed Consent template

FHU Informed Consent template (online version)

Notice of Research Completion form

Intellectual Property Agreement

Also, be aware that you will be required to successfully complete the free online ethics training offered by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) at The training should take about an hour and a half. A certificate of completion will be provided, and must be submitted along with your submission to the IRB.


Please contact with any questions, and good luck!