IT Services

The following is a list of available technology resources for our students, faculty and staff at Freed-Hardeman.

Our services are divided into the following categories:

End-User Services (Equipment / Software / HelpDesk)

  • Level 1 Support - common questions, items with defined resolution paths, resource allocation
  • Equipment selection and procurement
  • Establishing hardware and software standards
  • Classroom equipment and software management (multimedia, presentation resources - includes selection, training, proper utilization, etc.)
  • Asset inventory, audits, control, updates, software versions, supported versions, etc. (end-user equipment and interfaces)
  • User instruction (resources utilization; initial and ongoing)
  • Print services
  • User account management


Infrastructure Support Services

  • Level 2 Support - server hardware, network/system troubleshooting
  • Network administration (wired and wireless networks)
  • Phones, phone systems, fax
  • Contracts (ISP, equipment vendors, etc.)
  • Server hardware (set-up and ongoing maintenance)
  • Network security
  • User instruction (resources utilization; initial and ongoing)


Development and Operations

  • CMS web management
  • Web services (includes email, live streaming and other user services)
  • Academic application development/support (Classroom apps, iTunes U, etc.)
  • Application development and support
  • Project management
  • Server application performance and optimization
  • Technology-based operations (definitions, workflows, project plans, establishing standards, documentation, etc.)
  • User instruction (resources utilization; initial and ongoing)


Administrative Services

  • Central systems integration
  • Select and support of business process software
  • Data integrity and auditing
  • Data security (database and software level)
  • Data warehousing / catalog (core and central reporting services)
  • User instruction (resources utilization; initial and ongoing)



How do I get help with these services?

You may request support using any of the following methods:

  • Submit a HelpDesk Ticket
    Browse to, login, and follow the on-screen instructions.

  • Talk to us by Phone
    Call 731-989-6111 and a support technician will assist you with your problem.