TRIUMPH OF THE LAMB:  The Battle with Evil in Revelation

We are excited to announce the theme for the 88th annual Freed-Hardeman University Lectures (February 4-8, 2024). The Book of Revelation has often challenged readers because of its apocalyptic style, interactions with the Old Testament, and symbolism, yet Revelation is a Christ-centered study of how God’s people would be delivered from the threats of evil. As John from exile wrote the seven congregations of Asia Minor, readers of the Apocalypse get a glimpse of God’s glorious throne room (Rev. 4-5) before the seven seals are opened (Rev. 6-8:5) and seven trumpets sound (Rev. 8:6-11:19). Though evil continually threatened God’s work (Rev. 12-14), God was still victorious (Rev 15) and just in His judgment on those deserving wrath, including Satan himself (Rev. 16-20). God’s people would enjoy victory in the great city God had prepared for them (Rev. 21-22). May we remember the faithfulness of God as we continue to battle evil and to serve God in light of "the triumph of the Lamb" (Revelation 5:6-14).

The Lectureship committee and many other members of the FHU community work year round on the program. Kristi and I never cease to be amazed by the teamwork and devotion that is demonstrated by various administrators, faculty, staff, students, sponsors, and other team members who help to make this happen. We truly hope you will consider taking full advantage of every opportunity the FHU Lectureship offers. As we plan for the program in February, we are particularly excited about some new aspects of the Lectureship this year, while also looking forward to experiencing many of the traditional aspects of the program that have made it great year after year. It is our prayer that the 2024 Bible Lectureship will be a blessing and an encouragement to you.


Douglas Y. Burleson
Director, FHU Annual Bible Lectureship