83rD Annual Bible Lectureship   February 3-7, 2019


A lot has changed since the days of Moses and the exodus of the children of Israel, but in principle much remains the same.Many people are in bondage and there is a great need for all people everywhere to be called back to the covenant that God has made with humanity. It is time for many to be led away from their captivity and into freedom. Fortunately the God of Moses and the children of Israel still reigns on high. 

The Book of Exodus tells the story of God’s powerful deliverance of His people from Egyptian captivity. Israel’s identity was in large part fashioned by remembering God’s powerful actions in the wilderness between Egypt and Canaan. Israel had to learn to trust in God’s promises as she prepared to leave Egypt, depended on His provision in the wilderness, and learned to live in the presence of God at the very center of the camp. For Christians the Exodus points forward to the cross as we remember the deliverance God offered all peoples through His Son. Christians today should not forget God’s desire that all people everywhere come to know Him, while also remembering that we have been delivered from sin and thus can experience liberation in covenant with the God who delivers.

The Lectureship committee and many other members of the FHU community work year round on the program. Kristi and I never cease to be amazed by the teamwork and devotion that is demonstrated by various administrators, faculty, staff, students, sponsors, and other team members who help to make this happen. We truly hope you will consider taking full advantage of every opportunity the FHU Lectureship offers. We are particularly excited about some new aspects of the Lectureship this year, while also looking forward to experiencing many of the traditional aspects of the program that have made it great year after year. It is our prayer that the 2019 Bible Lectureship will be a blessing and an encouragement to you. 


Douglas Y. Burleson
Director, FHU Annual Bible Lectureship