Open Forum

The Open Forum session at the FHU Bible Lectureship has traditionally attracted some of the highest crowds during the first full week of February each year. The Open Forum is a Bible study session in which Bible questions of interest to the audience (whether submitted online or in person) are examined by a moderator. 

Since churches of Christ are autonomous, there will be no official answers given to these questions, but we do strive to make the answers biblical, succinct, and non-intimidating.

Bible study with proper motivation is emphasized in Scripture itself (Acts 17:11-12). On this occasion, the Holy Spirit compliments the Bereans because of their desire to search the Scriptures in search of biblical truth. In this vein, the tradition of the Open Forum continues as an important part of FHU's Bible Lectureship.

Open Forum Question? Submit Online

The open forum will take place in Loyd Auditorium at 3:30pm CDT, Monday through Thursday.