Finding Items

How do I search for books in the catalog?
The library's home page has a search portal for the online catalog. Type an author name, title, or keyword into the text box and click the search button. On your first search, try to select one or just a few general keywords, and then examine the result list. If you get too many results, try adding keywords to refine your search.
How much of the call number do I need to find the book?
You should write down all of the number! It might save you a trip back to the computer.
The book I want is checked out. What can I do?
You can put a hold on the book so that when it's returned, we'll notify you and set it aside for you to pick up. To put a hold on a book, you can ask a librarian to place the hold for you, or you can locate the book in our online catalog and click on the Place Hold box. If the book you need is overdue, we can recall the book for you and send you a notification when it's returned.
The book I want is supposed to be here, but it’s not on the shelf. What can I do?
First, double check to make sure that you are in the right collection. For instance, if you are looking for a book with a call number that starts with an M, make sure that you aren't in the reference collection looking at the M section. If you still can't find it, we have a link on the library home page where you can let us know about items you can't find on the shelf. But you can also ask a librarian for help. It could be that the book is temporarily housed elsewhere, waiting to be reshelved, or being repaired.
The library doesn’t have the book I want. Is there any way I can get it?
We often borrow books or articles from other libraries to help you get all the resources you need. You can fill out a form online (the link to InterLibrary Loan Request Form is on the library's home page), or stop by the library and fill out a form. You'll need to know the title and author and whatever other information you can provide to help us find the right item quickly. It usually takes a minimum of a couple of business days to locate an article and at least a week to receive a book through the mail, so submit your form well before your project is due! There is a processing charge of one dollar per article request and three dollars per book request. There is also a limit of five requests per day and 25 per year.
If I'm enrolled at FHU's Memphis site, can I pick up library books at my site?
Yes! Books from the FHU Library can be sent to the Memphis site for you to pick up. Use the Memphis Site Delivery form to request a book.
How long might I wait for InterLibrary Loan requests?
It just depends on how fast we can find it at another library and how fast they can get it here. For articles that can be emailed, that might take only a few hours; at maximum, they probably won't take more than a couple business days. Books would definitely take longer since they'd have to be sent through the mail. Books usually take two or three days to get here, but sometimes it may be longer than a week.
Can I recommend a book the library should purchase?
Absolutely! There's a link on the library's home page for recommending a book for the library. Try to fill out as much information as you can, and it would also help if you could include a reason why you are recommending it, such as why this would be a good resource for the library, where you heard of it, etc.
Where are Videos, DVDs, CDs, and Tapes?
All audiovisual materials, including Videos, DVDs,CDs, Tapes, Records, Slides, and CD-ROMS (except FLIX DVDs), are in the Hope Barber Shull Academic Resource Center, on the second floor in the AV room. FLIX DVDs are located on the first floor of the HBSARC. Some audiovisual materials can only be used in the library unless they are being used in a class presentation. But CDs and the FLIX DVD collection can be checked out of the library by all students, faculty, and staff.


Returning Items

Where do I return books, videos, etc.?
If you can, we ask that you try to return them to the library you got them from (Juvenile to the Learning Resource Library; books and audiovisuals to the Loden-Daniel Library in the Hope Barber Shull Academic Resource Center).  For the times when the LRL is closed, you can return items to the library instead, either at the front desk or in the book drop on the library's outside east wall. 
How much is the fine for overdues?
This is best answered with a visit to the library's "Checkout Policies" webpage. There are a lot of variations depending on what your status is and what you're checking out. In general, most fines fall along the lines of $.10 a day for books, $.25 an hour for reserves, $.25 a day for CDs and tapes, and $1.00 a day for FLIX DVDs.
Can I renew my books without bringing them to the library?
Yes! You can renew books and some audiovisual materials by logging onto your My Library Account. You can renew your items online just one time; please note that FLIX are not available for online renewal.
If I'm enrolled at FHU's Memphis site, can I return items to my site?
Yes! Just return them to the Memphis receptionist, Sandra Hudley. As long as they are returned to your site by the due date, they won't be overdue.
Can I use a laptop in the library and get wireless internet service?
Yes! The library, like all buildings on campus, has wireless internet access. There are also numerous places to plug in your laptop's power supply if your battery is running low.


What Can I Check Out Of The Library?

What can I check out, and how long can I keep it?
It's depends on who you are (undergraduate, graduate, staff, etc) and what you're checking out (books, videos, etc). Please see the list on the library's "Checkout Policies" webpage for details.
Can I check videos and DVDs out of the library?
The FLIX Collection of DVDs (popular and classic movies) can be checked out of the library for three-day periods by all faculty, staff, and students. It is free to check out FLIX Collection DVDs, but the overdue fee is $1.00 per day and is applicable to faculty and staff as well as students. Other than FLIX DVDs, the standard collection of AV videos and DVDs can only be viewed in the HBSARC. The only exception is for audiovisual material used in a class presentation. In that case, you need to have your teacher sign a form (available in the library), and the material can only be checked out during the class period. For any other videos and DVDs, you can request an A/V cart (includes a TV, VCR, and DVD player) and use one of several study rooms in the library for viewing your video. Reserve a room using D!bs.
I am in the Honors College. Do I have any special borrowing privileges?
Students currently in the Honors College can check out reference books and periodicals for 24 hours and get a four week checkout of books. Be sure to bring your Honors College ID with you along with your library card. You can also renew books once over the phone.
I am enrolled at FHU's Memphis site. What can I check out?
The things you can check out - and the lengths you can keep them - are the same as if you were enrolled at the Henderson site. Go to our policies page and select your student group for details. You can also have books delivered to you at your site free of charge.
I've never gone to Freed-Hardeman University, but I live in the area. Can I check out books?
You can if you apply for a Community Card. With a community card you can have up to three items checked out at any time, and you can begin borrowing as soon as you open the account! The card costs $30 for non-Alumni, payable by cash or check, and is good for three years. You must be at least a junior in high school to get a community card. Come by the library to fill out a form.
I'm an alumnus of Freed-Hardeman University. Do I still have the ability to check out books?
You can if you apply for a Community Card. With a community card, you can have up to three items checked out at any time, and you can begin borrowing as soon as you open the account! The card costs $20 for alumni, payable by cash or check, and is good for three years.
I'm not a student at Freed-Hardeman University, but I go to a different college nearby. Can I check out books?
Yes! FHU has an agreement with several nearby colleges and universities that allows students to borrow from each other's libraries. Come by the library and ask to apply for a "WeTALC Card" (West Tennessee Academic Library Consortium). The card is free but is only valid while you are enrolled in the participating college. With a WeTALC card, you can have up to three items checked out at any time, and you can begin borrowing as soon as you open the account. Be sure to bring your student ID with you when you open your account. Participating colleges: Baptist College of Health Sciences, Bethel University, Cecil C. Humphreys School of Law Library, Christian Brothers University, Dyersburg State Community College, Jackson State Community College, Lane College, LeMoyne-Owen College, Memphis College of Art, Rhodes College, Southern College of Optometry, Southwest Tennessee Community College, University of Tennessee at Martin, Union University, University of Memphis, University of Memphis at Lambuth, University of Tennessee Health Science Center, and Victory University.


FAX and Copies

Is there a Fax machine in the library?
No, we are sorry, but we no longer offer that service.  If you need to send a fax, please contact IT by phone (731-989-6111) or email (helpdesk@fhu.edu), and they'll direct you to one on campus.
Can I have someone send a fax to me through the library so I can pick it up later?
No, we are sorry, but we no longer offer that service.  If you need to send a fax, please contact IT by phone (731-989-6111) or email (helpdesk@fhu.edu), and they'll direct you to one on campus.
Is there a copier in the library?
There are two public copiers in the Hope Barber Shull Academic Resource Center: one black-and-white copier (on the second floor) and one color copier (on the first floor). The cost for copies is $.10 a page for standard copies and $1.00 a page for color.
Is there a scanner in the library?
There is not a traditional scanner in the library, but we do have a digital sender and a multi-function printer. Either one can scan pictures or documents and send pdf, jpg, or tiff versions to an email address. They are free to use, and we'd be happy to show you how they work!


Online Resources

If I find a journal citation that doesn't have full text, how can I locate the article?
First, see if the library has the journal in any other place. It might be bound, in another database, or on microfilm. Go to the journal search section and search for the journal to see if it is available elsewhere. If not, you can fill out an Article Interlibrary Loan form, and we can see if we can get the article from another library!
How do I access reserves online?
Not everything your teacher leaves on reserve can be viewed online, but we do usually try to put shorter items, like articles or chapters, online so you can print them off. To do this, go to our Course Reserves page, search for your teacher, and then click on your class to view all the items available. For those that are available online, look for a "View Now" link.


Sales / Donations

When does the Scholastic Bookfair come to the library?
We host a Scholastic Bookfair around exam week in the fall and spring semesters. You'd find it in the Learning Resource Library in the basement of the Gardner Center.
Does the library ever sell any old or extra books?
We do occasionally sell duplicate and older books at a book sale during lectureships in February.
Can I donate some of my books to the library?
We welcome your donations! Whether academic, professional, religious, juvenile, or current fiction, the library is always looking to expand its collection. Just bring your donation by and give it to a librarian, or if your donation is too big to handle, call the library, and we can usually arrange to pick it up ourselves. Your donations are tax-deductible.


Coming To The Library

Where can I park when I visit?
Where you can park on campus depends on your classification. Please see FHU's Campus Parking Map for specifics.
Is there an entrance that is wheelchair accessible?
At this time, the main doors to the Hope Barber Shull Academic Resource Center do not have automatic door openers.  In an effort to welcome all of our patrons, please feel free to contact us prior to your visit, and we will make accommodations for easier entrance into our facility.
Is there an elevator?
Yes, the Hope Barber Shull Academic Resource Center has elevator access for all three floors.
Is there a dress code for the library?
The dress code for the library is the same as for the school, as stated in the undergraduate and graduate handbooks.