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Live outside of the Henderson area and need a book chapter emailed to you? Request a scan from a book

Live outside of the Henderson area and need an article emailed to you? Request a scan of an article

FAQs about requesting a scan

What is this service?
If you're a distance student, the library will scan articles or sections from books and email them to you as a pdf attachment.
Who can use it?
This is meant for our distance students: currently enrolled students who do not live in the Henderson area.
Does it cost anything?
No, it's free!
How long does it take?
Most requests will be completed the same day we receive them, although requests sent in the evening and on weekends may not be completed until the following business day.
Is there a limit to how much of a book you can scan?
We generally scan no more than two chapters from a book. We can't do more than that because of copyright issues.
How do I know what part of a book you should scan?
Try to identify the chapter you want by looking up the book in the library catalog. Usually there will be chapters listed for the book. If not, you might try looking it up on Amazon to see if they provide chapters, or even the index pages. If you still don't know, contact us and we can help you find the section you want.
What books and articles are eligible for scanning?
Any book we own, and any article from a journal we own or have on microform. However if the book or journal is also available online through a database, we will probably point you to that resource instead of scanning it.