Fall Camp



MSYC Fall Retreat aims to serve high school students with a weekend of encouragement and strengthening of faith and friendship. As the weather chills and the summer camp spark fades, we invite those who continually hunger for God’s love and passion to join us, reigniting the spark within to shine bright in a world surrounded by darkness. We’ll have camp classics like lights-out singing and cabin counselors along with a little touch of autumn craziness (but leave your swim trunks, we’re not that crazy). This October, pull out those long sleeve camp tees and your lumberjack flannels for a first of its kind camp experience. Who says you have to wait 10 months for a slice of Heaven on Earth? Fall Camp. It’s camp. In the fall.




MSYC fallcamp logo "Stroke, Spark, Spread"





When is this thing? 

This retreat is happening October 19 - 21.


What does it cost?

The cost for MSYC Fall Retreat is $45. This includes cabin lodging, meals, and a long-sleeve MSYC shirt.


What’s the schedule? 

We don’t want to give away all the fun surprises, but arrival and check-in will happen.


I’m in a grade other than 9th-12th. Can you make an exception for me? 

Dearest friend, we really wish we could. However, space is very limited and we’ve designed this weekend experience especially for students in high school.


What if I can’t be there until late on Friday? 

Please let us know if you are going to need special accommodations for your arrival time. The MSYC gate will close on Friday once everyone dismisses to their cabins. It might be best for you to plan your check-in time with us if you will be arriving later than 9:30pm on Friday. 


What should I pack? 

You’ll need a Bible, warm bed sheets, blanket, (or sleeping bag) pillow, towels, toilet articles, flashlight. Flip-flops are helpful for use at shower. 

We’re also encouraging everyone who attends to bring a pair of new socks and toiletries for men and women who are homeless. These will be distributed in and around Jackson, TN as we take part in celebrating SOCKTOBER. This is an annual drive to help homeless shelters across the country stock up as they prepare for winter!


What should I not pack? 

Please do not bring cell phones, walkie talkies, guns, knives, fireworks, tobacco, or electronic devices of any kind. Any of these items will be confiscated. 


Will the canteen be open and can I get a break-pop? 

Yes, the canteen will be open. Of course there will be break-pops.


What about youth ministers and volunteers? 

Due to limited space, youth ministers and non-counselor volunteers are being encouraged to stay off-site. If you’d like to attend, help out, or plan to eat any meals with us please email: msyc@fhu.edu