Registration, Check-in and Check-out for MSYC

Thank you for your interest in MSYC. Below are answers to possible questions that you may have about MSYC. We look forward to serving you.


Junior Camp and Regular Camp

We offer two types of registration. Our Junior Camp is a day camp for children at least 7 years old that runs from Monday through Thursday. Regular session registration is for children age 9 and up. The regular sessions are intended to be overnight, and run from Sunday through Friday.



Please do not expect that you will be with your friend in their cabin - we will do what we can to accommodate but we assign cabins on a first come first served basis for age brackets, genders, and groups when making cabin assignments. Online registration for the upcoming Sunday of camp will be available until Wednesday at noon of the preceding week. If you have not registered for camp but would like to come and register on Sunday, please be aware that we would love to have you attend but we will allow registration on a "cabin space available" basis. The cabin you desire to be placed in may already be full. You will have plenty of opportunity to be with your friend(s) during camp. Please be flexible and know that you will have a good time and have an opportunity to make new friends.

If you receive a "Thank You for Applying" page when you register online, that is your confirmation page. If you type in a valid email address, you will also receive email confirmation. If you would like a confirmation number to be sure it has arrived, please email and we'll be happy to comply. Thank you for your patience with us as we strive to improve our services.


Online Registration for MSYC Regular Sessions

Online Registration for MSYC Jr. Camp Sessions



Click here for a complete list of suggested items to bring with you to MSYC.



Sunday 2:30pm - 4:00pm

Please check in and give your signed waiver to the registration desk before heading to your cabin.

If you have medications that need to be checked in, we have a camp nurse available during the registration times of 2:30pm to 4:00pm that will assist you.



Friday Morning will end with a general assembly in the pavilion and an awards ceremony from 9:00am - 10:00am. Please have everything loaded and be ready to exit after this assembly. We hope you enjoy your stay at MSYC.