What to Bring to MSYC


Attention: dress code will be enforced, so please review before packing. 
Each camper should bring: 
+ Bible
+ sheets
+ blanket (or sleeping bag) 
+ pillow
+ towels
+ toilet articles
+ swimsuit
+ flashlight. 
+ Closed toe shoes are necessary for the hike (held each week, weather-permitting). 
+ Flip-flops are helpful for use at pool or shower. 
Campers might also want to pack clothing for our optional MSYC mud pit (We recommend darker shorts and a shirt you do not mind getting extra dirty)
Dress code: 
Shorts may be worn at any time during camp, BUT, all shorts must be mid-thigh or longer in length (the same as the current FHU student policy). This is measured from the shortest part of the shorts. 
No visible midriffs. Clothing that exposes any part of the mid-section when standing, sitting or bending over is not allowed. All tops should be long enough to be tucked in. 
Skirts and dresses must come down to the top of the knee. 
Skin-tight or otherwise revealing clothing is not allowed. Low-cut shirts, spandex, tight jeans, halter tops, etc. are not acceptable. Leggings do not count as pants. If your outfit is against dress code without leggings, it is against dress code with them. 
Sleeveless shirts and dresses must have straps at least 3 inches wide. Sleeveless shirts must not have wide arm holes. 
Please help us by ensuring your camper is packed and prepare to adhere to MSYC dress code. Dress code will be enforced, so please review before packing. We want to make certain all campers arrive ready for the best week of camp possible. 
DO NOT bring:
+ cell phones
+ electronic devices of any kind (including Apple watches, iPads, or anything with texting/internet access)
+ walkie talkies
+ guns
+ knives
+ fireworks
+ tobacco. 
Any of these items will be confiscated.
Smoking is not allowed on the campgrounds at any time. 
We ask visitors also to observe this rule.