MSYC - Worker Job Descriptions


 Assist the counselor with all duties associated with supervision of the campers in the cabin, as well as assisting the camp staff with the daily operation of the camp, as needed. A co-counselor should be a member of the Lord’s church and may be responsible for cabin devotionals and/or small or whole group devotionals. A co-counselor should enjoy interacting with all the campers in order to ensure that each camper has a great week of camp. In order to fill this position a person must have graduated from high school and be enrolled in FHU for the fall. This person will be able to attend for one week at no charge.


Jr. Counselor

JC’s assist the counselor with supervision of other campers in the cabin. They will assist with work details, bank money, and cabin devotionals. JC’s should be a member of the Lord’s church and should assist the counselor in making sure their campers have an AWESOME week. JC’s must have held another worker position in order to be eligible to be a JC.


Craft Worker

Assist the Crafts Director with daily opening and closing duties in the Craft House, as well as help campers get supplies and give instructions on how to do crafts. Craft workers should love to help and serve other campers.


Canteen Worker

Help with daily duties in the canteen during morning and afternoon break times. Responsibilities include stocking and cleaning the Canteen and helping campers get snacks and drinks. Canteen workers should be able to count and make change while serving with a smile and a kind word.


Kitchen Worker

Help with cleaning up after each meal and will be responsible for washing cups, trays, and silverware, sweeping and mopping the Mess Hall, and taking out the trash after meals. Kitchen workers must be comfortable getting sweaty and dirty while having a great time.