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FHU’s Future Marketers to Host “Daughters of Job” Beauty Pageant

Henderson, Tenn. - Oct 14, 2015

The annual Daughters of Job special needs beauty pageant will be held at Freed-Hardeman University, Saturday, Oct. 24, at 2:00pm. The event will take place in Ayers Auditorium located in the university’s Brown-Kopel Business Center.

Young ladies with special needs from across West Tennessee will have the opportunity to participate in the pageant which takes its name from Job 42:15. The verse says, “In all the land were no women found as beautiful as the daughters of Job.”

The event is sponsored by the Society of Future Marketers, which is under the direction of Dr. Lee Hibbett, associate professor of marketing. Students are responsible for planning, directing and facilitating the program. Hibbett said, “Putting this event on will give these students ‘real world’ experience in project management, a growing field that offers excellent career opportunities.”

The pageant was created by Kati Yenawine, a junior finance major at FHU. It was first held at Jackson Christian School in 2013. Yenawine, who was a senior at the time, was inspired by another student at FHU’s “GO! Camp.” When Yenawine graduated from Jackson Christian and enrolled at Freed-Hardeman, campus groups undertook the project.

Yenawine’s interest in helping those with special needs sprang from volunteering with Special Needs Athletics, an organization that allows individuals with special needs to play a variety of sports throughout the year. She “fell in love with the kids” at SNA and wanted to do something more for them. All proceeds from the Daughters of Job pageants have gone directly to the organization. The pageant has raised $7,000 for SNA.

Since its creation, the Daughters of Job pageant has grown to impact many at the university. This year, more than 30 FHU students will volunteer to make all of the contestants feel special. The Society of Future Marketers now works together on the event to help it grow. Yenawine said, “My hopes for working on this team is that after I graduate, Daughters of Job will continue. It has been such a blessing in my life.” Yenawine is the daughter of Kelly and Theresa Yenawine from Jackson; she hopes to pursue a career as a financial planner.

Hibbett noted, “I am very proud of the Society of Future Marketers. I told them at the beginning they would choose the projects they wanted to work on. So far, all of their endeavors have involved helping others. That says a lot about where the hearts of our students are.”

Admission to the pageant is free, but donations are encouraged. For more information about the Daughters of Job special needs beauty pageant, visit the Facebook page, “Daughters of Job Special Needs Beauty Pageant.”