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Dr. Ben Carson Addresses FHU Students

Henderson, TN - Dec 08, 2014

Prior to speaking at Freed-Hardeman University's 50th annual Benefit Dinner Dec. 5, retired neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson met with approximately 50 students for a special question and answer session. Members of the FHU faculty selected upperclassmen who represented a variety of the university’s majors to attend the session.

C.J. Vires, vice president for academics, introduced Carson to the students. Before beginning the session, Carson assured the group that there was no question he had not already been asked. He also encouraged the students to focus on success, emphasizing the value of an education.

Questions on the Affordable Care Act and the Ferguson riots prompted a discussion of citizenship, during which Carson challenged all citizens to act responsibly. When asked about the role of faith in his personal life, Carson acknowledged God’s guidance in his medical career. “Now that I’ve retired, I thought I was going to play golf,” Carson said. “God had different ideas.”

In closing, Carson was asked to advise the students regarding the 2016 presidential election. He remarked that the national debt is the biggest issue facing America today, but he stressed that the debt could be controlled. “Become an informed voter,” Carson said. “We the people are at the pinnacle of power in this country, but we cannot achieve that power unless we are informed.”