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FHU Alumni Share Experiences with Current Students

Henderson, Tennessee - Oct 08, 2018

More than 30 Freed-Hardeman University alumni from various disciplines returned to campus Monday, Sept. 24, to share their career experiences.

The university began ALUMination Day last year to give current students an opportunity to interact with successful alumni. The Division of Academics, in collaboration with the Division of Community Engagement and the President’s Office, hosted the event.

The featured speaker was attorney Thomas Vick, a 2011 alum, who spoke in chapel. Only four years into his law career, Vick has already argued before the Indiana Supreme Court. In his chapel address, he made biblical applications from lessons he has learned from his practice of law.

Vick made four observations regarding what he has learned so far. “First,” he said, “There are great clients, bad clients and some you need to run away from.” Secondly, citing the book of James, he reminded students that Christians are to be doers of the word. “Action trumps everything,” he said.

Vick also stressed the importance of having a mentor, naming two lawyers who have been particularly helpful to him. Finally, Vick said, “Service is the greatest reward in any profession.”

Bobby Seda, a 2015 graduate currently employed by Thrivent Financial, spoke to Kristen Roberson’s Personal Selling class. “It was great to be back on campus and attend chapel for the first time in a few years,” Seda said. “I never figured I would be a front-row-chapel kind of guy, but that was great!” He hopes he helped current students understand that regardless of their career choice, it will start and end with people. “Relationships with individuals and the way we treat them are the basis of all meaningful work,” he said.