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FHU Library Offers Calm Respite for Test Stress

Henderson, Tennessee - May 07, 2018

Freed-Hardeman University students overwhelmed by finals week can take refuge in the ARC (Academic Resource Center). The Test De-Stress Room, billed as the only spot in the building where studying is strictly forbidden, will be open Sunday-Wednesday evenings, May 6-9.


When students grow weary of cramming their heads with facts and figures, they can clear their heads by coloring (pages and crayons provided), assembling puzzles, watching a movie or creating paper airplanes. They can then enter their planes in “The Spring Final Fling” by going to the third floor balcony and launching their creations Tuesday, May 8, from 4:30pm to 5:00pm. Prizes will be awarded for longest distance flown and greatest hang time. In addition, everyone whose plane flies farther than the greatest distance flown by a librarian’s plane will receive a “mini-prize.” Students who don’t make planes are invited to come and enjoy the balcony, opened especially for this event.

Hosted by the Academic Resource Center staff, the Test De-Stress Room fits into the hospitality value of the library. “By having fun with our students and providing them with activities that are mainly for their enjoyment, we’re showing them that they are welcome here and free to make themselves comfortable,” Rachel Collinge, technology librarian, said. She, library director Wade Osburn and Melissa Hopkins, learning resource librarian, planned the activities for the room. They tapped into the example of other academic libraries where stress-relieving rooms during finals week are pretty popular, according to Osburn.

“Our number one priority,” Collinge said, “is to provide students with everything they need to succeed in their studies. We want to be a reliable source of assistance and support.” If what they need during finals week is an escape, however brief, from the pressure and chaos, the Test De-stress Room is ready and waiting.