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FHU Reports Low Campus Crime Rate

Henderson, Tenn. - Mar 27, 2015

Crime on the campus of Freed-Hardeman University remained at a very low level in 2014, according to statistics released March 23 by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation.

The report gives the nature, volume and extent of reported crimes on the campuses and in the housing of Tennessee colleges and universities during 2014, January-December. The institutions are mandated to report their crime statistics to TBI. Overall, campus crime in the state decreased by 6.3% for 2014.

 FHU reported ten crimes in 2014; only one of those crimes remains uncleared, according to Rodney Weaver, FHU head of safety and security. The ten crimes reported in 2014 are for a campus population of approximately 2,200, including students, staff and faculty.

 "Over the past few years, our director of campus safety and security, and those working with him have significantly upgraded the training, staffing and equipment on campus to make an already safe environment on campus even safer,” Dwayne Wilson, FHU executive vice president, said.  The FHU force now has 11 armed security personnel. The university has also increased the number of campus security cameras.

“In addition to security issues, the Office of Campus Safety and Security also works to identify things on campus that could result in personal injury and bring those to the attention of our facilities department so they can be promptly addressed to eliminate the risk.  The local sheriff’s department and TBI have been especially helpful to the University through that process,” Wilson added.

  “The university takes safety and security very seriously. We do all we can to keep a safe environment for the campus population,” Weaver said.