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FHU Theatre to Present “Twelve Angry Jurors” Aug. 22-24

Henderson, Tennessee - Aug 19, 2019

Freed-Hardeman University Theatre will present “Twelve Angry Jurors” Aug. 22-24 at 8:00pm in the Black Box Theatre. In addition, a 2:00pm matinee performance is scheduled for Aug. 24. The cast is comprised of FHU alumni and members of the faculty.

“The fun of these alumni shows is the diverse background of the performers. We have admissions and registrar's office employees, an FHU librarian, public school teachers, FHU faculty, a minister's wife, and other area alums in the show,” FHU Theatre director Cliff Thompson said.

The courtroom drama is directed by Hannah Graves and performed by FHU faculty, staff and alumni. All of the action occurs in a hot, sweaty jury room as the unnamed jurors debate the fate of a 19-year old accused of murdering his father.

As the 12 jurors revisit the evidence and debate reasonable doubt, Juror No. 8 holds out for the accused’s innocence. “As the jurors wade through the evidence, they must also face their own biases and attempt to separate fact from emotion. To come to their decision, they must each learn to listen as well as argue and try to empathize with those who differ from themselves,” Graves said.

Jill Joiner and Megan Quinn portray Jurors 3 and 8, the leading roles. Other cast members include the following: Ray Eaton, Rachel Taylor, Morgan Elizabeth LanzaChris Cravens GannRachel Hope Irwin, Kevin Record, Annie Catherine Pickens, Caz Williams, Jordan Deck, Christa Smith, and Cliff Thompson.  Brandyn Graves designed the set and Marla Record is the stage manager.

The public may purchase tickets at for $10 each.