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FHU Women’s Bible Study Group Holds Inaugural Event

Henderson, TN - Dec 14, 2022

With its mission to teach young women how to better study the Bible, Zateo, a new Freed-Hardeman University Bible study group, held its inaugural Ladies Day in early December on campus. The meeting covered the topic “I am” from Jesus’ statements in the gospel of John. The name Zateo is a Koine Greek word that means “to seek.” It was chosen to reflect the group’s goal of seeking the truth of God’s word in order to share it with others.

FHU Dean of Students Lacy Crowell formed this group to help women understand how to conduct deep Bible study. After visiting with some of the young women on campus, Crowell and the students were inspired to create a Bible study group specifically for them. Crowell said the young women in the group took the lead on this project with very little guidance from her.

“This is something that I am passionate about,” Crowell said. “I really believe that solid study is the foundation, so we focus a lot on how to do good Bible study.”

The inaugural ladies day hosted six speakers, including FHU alumna Hannah Sprouse, FHU junior Kelly Sproule, FHU junior Hannah Lowe, FHU senior Naomi Elliott, FHU freshman Molly King and Ana Crowell, a high school student in FHU’s dual enrollment program. Sprouse spoke about John 1 and “I am the light,” while Sproule focused on John 10 and “I am the good shepherd.” Lowe covered John 4 and “I am the Messiah,” and Elliott discussed John 13-14 and “I am the way, the truth and the life.” King discussed John 15 and “I am the vine.” Crowell finished the day speaking on the topic “I am” from John 8.

In addition to the speakers, several other young women from the group helped make the day successful. Emily Andrick, a freshman, and Elle Wagner, a junior, led the singing. Sarah Corfman, a junior, created powerpoints for the day and introduced discussion periods. Mya Crowell, a freshman in high school, introduced the speakers for the day.

Crowell said they are planning another ladies day next year and expanding the program.