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Physician Discusses Bioethics with FHU Students

Henderson, Tennessee - Oct 02, 2018

Dr. John Simmons, a retired physician from Columbia, Tennessee, spoke to health arts majors Monday evening, Sept. 24, at Freed-Hardeman University. He discussed bioethics as a part of the university’s ALUMination Day. Simmons is a 1972 graduate of Freed-Hardeman.

Simmons presented basic ethical frameworks and showed how they apply to bioethics and the health sciences. Students need to know this, he said, “because almost everything they will do in their professional lives will have bioethical underpinnings and inconsistencies. They need to recognize and understand what principles are at play."

“These fields [the health arts] need the kinds of people with a solid moral and ethical foundation that FHU produces to, not only work in these fields, but to lead them,” Simmons said.

Simmons presented a five-volume set of “The Encyclopedia of Bioethics” to the university library. Each volume is inscribed with the name of a person at Freed-Hardeman who he believes has had a major impact on students at FHU. The five names are: Dr. Gene Hibbett, Dr. Howard Trull, Dr. Milton Tucker, Dr. William Woodson and Dr. Milton Sewell.

The university began ALUMination Day last year to give current students an opportunity to interact with successful alumni. The Division of Academics, in collaboration with the Division of Community Engagement and the President’s Office, hosted the event.