PO Process

Purchase Order FAQs

This page is designed to guide you through the process of understanding and obtaining a purchase order.


When do you need a purchase order?

You need a purchase order for all purchases. A PO must be obtained before placing an order; unauthorized purchases may not be reimbursed.


Why do you need a purchase order?

A purchase order allows FHU to track who ordered the products or services. This helps us if the order is sent to the wrong department and allows us to bill the correct department when the invoice/bill arrives.


How do I obtain a purchase order?

The purchase order process takes place using Business Portal. The process begins by creating a requisition. You will need the item number of the product(s) you are ordering, item description, vendor ID, FHU account number where the purchase is to be charged, and the price of the item(s).

Please refer to the Purchasing Manual for details on the process. It is located on the S: Drive in the Purchasing folder.


Please note:

When you need to obtain cash, the Vendor ID is FREED-001, not the name of the person picking up the cash. 

When a credit card needs to be checked out, the Vendor ID is University Purchase Card.


What happens once I receive my purchase order?

When you receive your purchase order, you can place your order with the vendor. Give them the PO number and ask them to put it on the invoice. Once you receive the invoice, please send it to Cerenia Lindsey in the Financial Services building, along with a copy of the PO. Invoices are paid only after they are sent to Cerenia with the corresponding PO.

If your PO was for cash, you must take a copy of the PO to Christy in the Financial Services building in order to receive it. After the purchase has been made, return any remaining cash and all receipts to the Financial Services building.

If your PO was for a credit card, save all receipts and turn the card back in to Cerenia Lindsey as soon as possible; there are many others on campus who need to use a credit card from time to time.

If your PO requires a check to be cut, you must turn in all invoices to Cerenia Lindsey before the check can be made out.


If you have any questions at any point in the purchase order process, please contact the Purchasing Office at x6916.