Preferred Vendors

Below is a list of preferred vendors and contact information for a variety of purchasing categories. Purchasing from the same vendors allows us to develop better relationships with vendors. The greater the volume, the better the pricing, and the more likely that the vendor will be willing to go out of their way to help solve a problem.



Approved Vendors for Office Supplies

STAPLES is the primary office supply vendor.

If more information is needed on vendors contact Mallory White in the Financial Services building or at 731-989-6916.


Car Rentals

When a rental is cheaper than using FHU's Pool Car, Enterprise takes care of our needs. If you are going on a trip, we ask that you first use the Mileage Calculator located here: T:\Resources\Purchasing. To request a rental, please fill out the Car Rental Request Form in the same folder and email it to You will also need to create a requisition for the amount of the rental in Business Portal with the vendor ENTERP002.




Business Cards and Letterhead

Tennessee Industrial Printing Services, Inc. produces all FHU business cards and letterhead.


Business Card Order Form