The Jackson Foundation

The Jackson Foundation, Inc., is a non-profit corporation founded July 7, 1995, in Dickson, Tennessee. The institution began its mission as The Jackson Foundation after operating as Goodlark Regional Medical Center since 1958. The Foundation carries the name of the three brothers who founded the hospital: Doctors L.C., William, and Jimmy Jackson.

The Jackson Foundation, Inc., is governed by a ten member community Board of Trustees overseeing its direction and mission. The operations of The Jackson Foundation are guided by President/Executive Director Douglas S. Jackson. 

The mission of the Jackson Foundation, Inc., is to motivate and educate children and adults through the use of technology in the areas of the arts, science, and humanities. It is the underlying conviction of the foundation that education is the most significant investment that is made to improve the future of our community, our state, and our world.

Founded on the conviction that educational motivation and learning involvement are the keys to our society's future, The Jackson Foundation's goal is to provide students of all ages with unprecedented access to creative learning programs and interactive environments that stimulate, strengthen and secure success. 


The Learning Lab 

The Jackson Foundation's Learning Lab Tutoring Program specializes in success for children who work at their own pace. Tutors use the best time-honored methods teamed with new innovative techniques and strategies that allow us to pinpoint the student's areas of need. 

Each tutor is a professional, certified, and highly qualified teacher with years of experience. Beyond being certified, our tutors have the time and caring attitude that translates into quality, individual  attention for your child. Tutors deal with ADD/ADHD, dyslexia, low self-esteem, and learning delays as  well as helping the child reach academic goals set by school standards. Whether our student teacher ratio of no more than 3:1 or private lessons is chosen, an exclusive academic plan will be developed for your child that will address his or her needs. You will be amazed with the success your child obtains. 

The Learning Lab offers instruction from Kindergarten through adulthood. Whatever the need, one subject or a variety of subjects, there is a tutor and a tutoring program here to help. If you want more information on the Learning Lab Program, please call 615-740-5502, and our staff will be glad to talk with you. 

Ruskin and Jewel Caves 

Nestled in the rolling hills of the beautiful Yellow Creek area of Dickson County, the Ruskin and Jewel Cave properties are available year-round for corporate events, family reunions, weddings, school field  trips, and the like. If you would like information on hosting your special event at Ruskin Cave or bringing a group for a trip through the timeless Jewel Cave, please call 615-740-5502. 

The Renaissance Center Media 

To learn about The Jackson Foundation's award-winning media production company, please call 615-740-5506. 

Contact Information 

Doug Jackson, President/Executive Director: 615-740-5578. 

Regina Cathey, Human Resources: 615-740-5502.