R.U.S.H. 2019

Collision courses: September 27-29, 2019


Our lives are shaped by collisions. On good days we collide with old friends, split a hot pizza, and talk about what’s making life fun. But some days, it’s a fender bender with an angry shopper at the grocery store or some other temptation, trial, or test. Most of the time, we can look forward to positive collisions, but sometimes collisions are strange, unexpected, or even undesirable.  

Unless you lock yourself in your room, collisions are unavoidable. The question is… How do you walk away from the collisions in your life, and how do others walk away from collisions with you? Are you unshakeable, able to keep your head up and your sight set on things above? Are others left with dents, bruises, and scratches from collisions with you, or do they walk away filling full and encouraged?

We’ll spend this weekend colliding with good people who make us want to be better. Studying scripture full of God-inspired, life-saving, and love-filled collisions. We hope you can join us.