83rd Annual Bible Lectureship - Out of Egypt: Liberation and Covenant in Exodus

Nov 15, 2018

This is God’s moment. Even though a Pharaoh arises who does not remember Joseph, this is God’s moment. As His suffering people groan for deliverance, God’s plan — the beauty of His care for His chosen people — comes into focus. From the basket to the burning bush, God brings Moses back to His people to deliver them. Through the wonder and color of His plagues and presence, God delivers Israel, providing for them as they embark into the wilderness. God of heaven leads the people of His own possession step-by-step, even through the seemingly impossible crossing of the Red Sea. God brings His people out of the land of bondage . . . to freedom.

Artist Ellie Leonard, the FHU student who was commissioned to share this theme, explained, “My goal with this piece was to portray the immense power God exercised, so it is entitled Marvel. Though Moses was the vehicle, this was God’s moment.”

Today you serve a world that again needs to be freed from captivity and called to covenant with God. And to marvel. We’ve planned the 83rd Annual FHU Bible Lectureship to encourage and feed you.

This is God’s moment.


Find the schedule and register at fhu.edu/lectureship

To read Ellie's story visit fhu.edu/seasons/stories/marvel-exodus-out-of-egypt

Tarbet Bible Unveiling

Nov 15, 2018

Long-time minister David Tarbet and his wife Paula have placed on loan to FHU a 1522 Erasmus New Testament, third edition, and two Paraphrases (commentaries) by Erasmus. The Tarbets were recognized for their generosity during the Graduate Theology Research Symposium Nov. 2, 2018.

FHU Lectureship Recap 2018

Nov 09, 2018

Freed-Hardeman University's 2018 Lectureship featured dozens of speakers and hundreds of participants who came together to study the multigenerational mission in Timothy and Titus. Join them again next year on February 3-7, 2019 as they study the liberation and covenant in Exodus.

Makin' Music 41: Live on East Main

Nov 09, 2018

Producer Tony Allen, Kim Scott and student coordinators Rebecca Lawrence and Chad Brown were assisted by a team of students as they oversaw the cast of hundreds who put on Makin' Music 41: Live on East Main on April 6-7, 2018. Xi Chi Delta placed first, Phi Kappa Alpha placed second and Chi Beta Chi placed third.

Alumination Day

Oct 19, 2018

Freed-Hardeman University’s first Alumination Day in September offered alumni the opportunity to return to campus to inspire current students. FHU President David Shannon suggested the event early in his tenure.

The day was filled with a campus tour, luncheon and visits from alumni in many classes across various disciplines. During the luncheon, Shannon applauded alumni for returning to FHU to invest in students. “Today, you are Freed-Hardeman and are part of what makes us who we are. It is important for us to stay connected and together,” he said. “Thank you to our excellent faculty for inviting alumni back to the classrooms to illuminate the minds and imaginations of current students.”

Athletics Rebrand

Oct 19, 2018

Freed-Hardeman unveiled a new athletic identity at the beginning of the fall 2017 semester. The launch followed a year of research, feedback and work by a committee comprised of student athletes, staff and a creative team.

The process included hundreds of initial sketches, resulting in final marks to meet the needs of each sport. The campus is transitioning to the new logo on athletic uniforms, signs and across media platforms. “People already have seen the new look on the website and social media,” Mike McCutchen, FHU athletic director, said.

In discussing the launch, FHU President David Shannon added, “Athletics is important to life at Freed-Hardeman, as it ignites unity, brings excitement to campus and shapes the lives of student athletes. I am confident that this refreshed identity will represent the excellence that we see on the court and field and in the classroom from our student athletes and coaches.”

ELI: Dark Horse Studios

Jun 29, 2017
As part of the Freed-Hardeman University Engaged Learning Initiative, English and music students traveled to Dark Horse Studios in Nashville to learn more about the process of writing and recording a song.

Makin' Music 2017 Recap

Jun 29, 2017

Freed-Hardeman University hosted the 40th annual Makin' Music in Spring 2017. Thousands of students and alumni came together to celebrate the weekend.


Your Gifts: His Glory

Jan 27, 2017
Patrick Spears, class of 2016, plans to follow in his family’s footsteps by pursuing a career in the criminal justice field. Attending Freed-Hardeman University helped him discover his gifts for His glory.

Your Gifts: His Glory

Jan 27, 2017
Abby Lambert, class of 2016, is the fifth member of her family to attend Freed-Hardeman University. Lambert plans to use her gifts for His glory in the world of theatre by being a shining light in a typically secular industry.

Your Mind: His Glory

Jan 27, 2017
Sophia Fornbacher, class of 2016, came from California to Freed-Hardeman University to enhance her gifts for His glory. Fornbacher was accepted into the Medical College at Boston University.

FHU Professor Ralph Gilmore Prepares for Debate

Jul 06, 2016
Professor of Bible and philosophy Dr. Ralph Gilmore will participate in a debate hosted by the Warren Christian Apologetics Center, in conjunction with Buckeyes for Christ at The Ohio State University Tuesday, Sept. 27. Gilmore will debate Dr. Alex Rosenberg, author and Duke professor. "Is God a Moral Monster?" will be the question debated.

Hope's ARC at FHU Builds on Dreams

Jun 24, 2016
The FHU family gathered April 8, 2016, to celebrate the realization of a beloved librarian's dream and thank John and Rosemary Brown and other donors, as the Hope Barber Shull Academic Resource Center was dedicated.

Your Strength: His Glory

Jun 24, 2016
Nolan, Ana, Evan and Nina share their experiences as Freed-Hardeman students and intercollegiate athletes — and why their most important work is using their strength for God's glory.

Makin’ Music 2016 at FHU

Apr 19, 2016
We applaud each person whose hard work provided incredible memories for our students (past, present and future), families and friends at Makin’ Music 2016! Thank you for making our 39th show amazing. Keep up with plans for #MakinMusic40 at http://fhu.edu and https://www.facebook.com/freedhardeman.

FHU/Dickson: Community Partner

Apr 18, 2016
Freed-Hardeman University is thankful to be part of the Dickson community at the Renaissance Center, partnering with Nashville State Community College and offering bachelor’s and graduate degrees in Middle Tennessee. Learn more at fhu.edu/dickson.

FHU’s Mid-South Youth Camp

Apr 06, 2016
Are you and your friends ready for your summer adventure on 77 acres of magic? Our Mid-South family will tell you that something special happens at this faith-focused, life-changing, inspiring, joy-filled, eye-opening, uplifting camp. Make memories singing, reading, dreaming, hoping, growing, rowing, climbing and sliding... together. Learn more and register at fhu.edu/msyc.

Your Future: His Glory

Mar 04, 2016
What do Dr. Joe DeLay’s infinity chalk line, chocolate goop, IHOP, goats, bonfires, painting the lion, caroling and Dr. Wiley’s bling have to do with your future? Ask our students and alumni, and join our FHU family, where talented faculty not only teach you today, they’ll encourage you for a lifetime. Their mission is to prepare you for your future. Your future: His glory. Learn more at http://www.fhu.edu/admissions.

Your Legacy: His Glory

Feb 04, 2016
From our students to faculty and staff to alumni and donors, we’re thankful for the examples of giving we see each day. Because you give, Freed-Hardeman remains a shining light in a dark world. We are 72,254 strong – students, alumni and friends of Freed-Hardeman University – side-by-side, giving time, talents and treasure. Thank you for allowing your legacy to reflect His glory.

Hope Barber Shull Academic Resource Center: Opening Day

Feb 01, 2016
Dr. Don Shull, Freed-Hardeman University Professor Emeritus of English and husband of the late Hope Barber Shull, and Wade Osburn, FHU Library Director, spoke about the Hope Barber Shull Academic Resource Center on its opening day, Monday, Feb. 1, 2016. Prospective students, students, alumni and friends are invited to the center’s dedication Friday, April 8, 2016, at 1 p.m.

Dr. Kent Brantly at FHU

Jan 28, 2016
Dr. Kent Brantly, the speaker at Freed-Hardeman University’s 51st Benefit Dinner, recorded a message to encourage FHU students to be grounded in Christ, learning to love the Lord their God with all their heart, soul, mind and strength and to love their neighbors as themselves.

Clayton Investment Team Manages $1 Million Portfolio

Nov 24, 2015
The Clayton Investment Team, comprised of eight students and coordinated by two faculty advisors, has managed a $1 million stock portfolio since 2006 when Jim Clayton, chairman of Clayton Bancorp, Inc., provided the funds for the initial investment. Since the fund inception, the students' consistent approach has generated earnings of more than $500,000 while providing an invaluable educational experience.

FHU Christian Store – Midly Jadis

Nov 13, 2015
FHU student Midly Jadis talks about his life at FHU and how student scholarships funded by the FHU Christian Store help students like him. Learn more about the FHU Christian Store at http://christianstore.fhu.edu.

Prepare. Develop. Participate.

Sep 28, 2015
At Freed-Hardeman University, we help students prepare for life, develop their skills and participate in Christ's Kingdom. With study abroad opportunities, Honors College, the Clayton Investment Team, mission trips, Makin' Music, athletics and much more, there is something for every student to develop talents to serve and lead. Come to FHU, where faith and reason create Christian leaders.