83rd Annual Bible Lectureship - Out of Egypt: Liberation and Covenant in Exodus

Lectureship // November 15, 2018

This is God’s moment. Even though a Pharaoh arises who does not remember Joseph, this is God’s moment. As His suffering people groan for deliverance, God’s plan — the beauty of His care for His chosen people — comes into focus. From the basket to the burning bush, God brings Moses back to His people to deliver them. Through the wonder and color of His plagues and presence, God delivers Israel, providing for them as they embark into the wilderness. God of heaven leads the people of His own possession step-by-step, even through the seemingly impossible crossing of the Red Sea. God brings His people out of the land of bondage . . . to freedom.

Artist Ellie Leonard, the FHU student who was commissioned to share this theme, explained, “My goal with this piece was to portray the immense power God exercised, so it is entitled Marvel. Though Moses was the vehicle, this was God’s moment.”

Today you serve a world that again needs to be freed from captivity and called to covenant with God. And to marvel. We’ve planned the 83rd Annual FHU Bible Lectureship to encourage and feed you.

This is God’s moment.


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To read Ellie's story visit fhu.edu/seasons/stories/marvel-exodus-out-of-egypt